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Our first trip spreading warmth – Pacchaj

In the end of 2014, our idea was young but well structured, we decided to start a simple pilot and see how it goes with the donations.

We got a loan in the bank to tailor 300 Sun Jackets. 



With all those jacket we drive to Cancha Cancha and Pacchaj Sutoc at Urubamba Mountains (5.800 m.a.s.l) in Peru.

There were a lot of challenges and also much things to learn. The first was to figure out how to bring the jackets to the communities that doesn´t have access to cars and the other option was between 4 and 6 hours by walk to get there.

The first idea was renting horses to take us there. However, the community guides told us that we were not allowed because horses´ legs destroy the Incas paths. As we don´t want to destroy anything, the solution was contact a company called Llama Pack, that rent us a some llamas to bring all the jackets there.

The assistance in all donations was a question and a problem that we needed to solve, for my youngest brother Ian, we had to found a way to make the project bigger than three brothers traveling everyday to delivery the jackets. Patrick, our middle brother, came up with the solution to invite Llama Pack to be our social partner, responsible to deliver all the jackets in the Andean communities. They accepted making posible to Höség be in much more places.


We learned a lot on our first trip, a lot of ideas to improve de project came up and we will tell you guy everything in our Spreading Warmth blog.

All those travels to shelter all those children is our fuel to move forward!

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