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Three brothers, one purpose. Höség was born!

My brothers and I ( Juanca) had the luck to be friends and share the same passions, one of them is the passion for adventure and nature. We have already knew that the weather condition at the highest part of Andes is very cold but we decided to feel in our bones this experience. When we got there, a little girl told us ¨Here between 5p.m and 7a.m is winter every day.¨, that day we realized how though is for those children to live there every single day of their lifes.

Long time ago we had this desire of build something together, something that need the knowledge of an architect, an engineer and a communicator, something that could help people. We want to start a business that could represent our values as a family. Everyday we discuss how lucky we were to had a lot of opportunities in our lifes, until we decided that we need to give those opportunities to those that never had them.

In the end of this trip, we found a purpose to build our company:


¨Help to improve the quality of life of Andean children in vulnerable and remote communities.¨


That is our purpose, we came up with this purpose before knowing what we will gonna creates and work for a living.

At that moment, I was reading the book ¨Start Something That Matters¨ by Blake Mycoskie, the story of his journey building TOMS is really interesting, however what got my attention was their business model:


¨Buy one, give one¨


For the first time I heard that, sounds like the tradition sales technique 2×1, but the second one goes to people that needed. BOOM! What a big idea.

I ran to my brothers room and told them:


¨What if we creates a outwear brand that for every jacket people buy, we give one for free to those children in Andes?¨


They got fascinated with the idea and we started to design this next adventure together.


Three brother, one purpose, Höség was born.


Our business impact model consists of developing high quality products with a strong social and environmental impact focus into solve the main problem at the poorest areas in Peru: Fight against extremely cold temperatures.


Since we created Höség a lot of things happened, and here in our blog we will document everything to inspire you guys. It is because of you that we can make our purpose stronger and warmer.

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