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For Them

For Them

Everything we do is for them. To ensure that children in vulnerable Andean Communities can lead and enjoy a healthy life but little can be done when life freezes them. For a lot of Andean children, growing up means being cold. A cold that freezes their dreams, their laughter. their destiny. Together, we can change this.
Höség is a company born to help. A company with soul. We know that if something is good for you, it can also be good for others. For every jacket you buy, we give one for free to a kid in the Andes. The more of us there are, the more warmth we spread.


Our purpose is to help improve the quality of life of children in vulnerable and remote Andean Communities.

We believe the logical way of doing business is by caring for others. We were very fortunate to arrive in this world and access the opportunities we were given, opportunities that some consider part of one’s basic needs; health, education, warmth. Most of the children in these communities cannot even meet their basic needs and, at hoseg, we want to give back, we want to do what we can from our square inch.


We work on developing solutions that promote conscious consumption so we can continue to spread warmth in Andean communities and positively impact on the quality of life of children. Every sale we achieve, has a corresponding impact. An impact that transcends the product and that aligns to our purpose of helping improve the quality of life of children in vulnerable and remote Andean communities.


Höség is a peruvian for profit social enterprise. A collaborative outerwear brand that seeks to invite you to go out, to break your routine and to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors and of nature because #welookgooodwhenwehelp.

Benefit Corporations (B-CORPORATIONS)

Certified B Corporations redefine success in business.
Individually, B Corps meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, and aspire to use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems.
In an attempt to understand how we were doing, and where we were going we embarked in a journey of self-evaluation. This is when we came across the B-Impact Assessment. We wanted to have an x-ray of how we were doing as a for-profit social enterprise, we never actually imagined that we would achieve Certification. After we completed the B-Impact Assessment back in 2016, we received the news that we actually achieved Certified Status.
6 months after launching our business, we managed to achieve 85 points in the B-Impact Assessment. however, this was not the important part. The process of going through the Assessment allowed us to understand what we were doing right, but most importantly, what we were doing wrong and where we could improve. Having this roadmap was the most useful too we had at the time to make decisions and take that next step necessary to scale our business and maximise our triple impact.
Every year, the B-Lab highlights those Certified B Corporations that go above and beyond in their pursuit of positive impact. In 2017 we were one of them. We were featured in the Best for the World list of 2017 given that we scored tip 10% in our category; Community. We were proud to share this space with other top performers in what is already and exceptional group of businesses.

Our Footprint

In an attempt to mitigate our footprint in this world, we partnered with Nature Services Peru to better understand the footprint of our operations. In 2017, after studying our footprint, we bought carbon offsets in Shipietari, part of the buffer zone in the Reserva del Manu, which is constantly threatened by extractive industries.

Our Code Of Conduct

REFUSE - We refuse to not look for a way to do things differently, consciously. We refuse to take the high road. We look for all possible avenues to have the least possible negative impact in the environment and society. Our team constantly research new techniques and fabrics that are more environmentally friendly and use this research to brainstorm new clothing designs.

REDUCE - We look for ways to reduce our negative impact throughout our products’ life cycle so you can keep consuming but more responsibly.

REPURPOSE - We always look for ways to repurpose someone elses’ outputs. We want to give life to what others consider waste.

REPAIR - In time, we want to be able to offer you repair services, extending the life of your hoseg product. If we cannot repair it, we will recycle it and give it a new purpose!

RECYCLE - We have started to use recycled fabric in our designs. We ensure that the recycled fabric satisfies our technical specifications, so we can keep our promise to offer high quality product.


In line with our commitment to put innovative and modern products on the table that encourage responsible consumption, Alpafill® is born. Click on the button to know more about our filling process.

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